• Rev. Liz Goodman

Maundy Thursday 2020

Amy's Altar

Gathering for worship in the time of Coronavirus presents its challenges--and its opportunities. Maundy Thursday only increases this. Remembering the final night of

Steve & Bev's Altar

Jesus' life as a man among friends, this is an especially "embodied" night, when the Church has gathered to eat together, to break the bread "in real time" with Jesus, and even to wash each others' feet as Jesus did wash the feet of his friends.

Worship remotely while sheltering in place makes all of these impossible--or so it would seem. We partnered with Church on the Hill to have an affecting evening,

our faces crowded onto our computer screens and our altars prepared, with candles lit and the Lord's supper set out.

We even had hymn-singing: Bev recorded accompaniment ahead of time on her piano at her home in Connecticut.

There's also a lot to celebrate, as reimagining long-practiced traditions can allow for new vitality, understanding, and depth.

Mark's Candles & a Friend

It turns out God is yet with us and the Holy Spirit yet abides.

Come, for All Things Are Ready

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