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A New Website!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We have a new website! Thanks to Todd Rhoda and his crew at Clever Design, we join the likes of American Express, Elizabeth Arden, and the Obama presidential campaign as clients of his firm--though I think maybe they didn't use the free version of Wix Web Site builder...? I could be wrong.

Benedict Pond in early spring

What makes me happiest about this is that I can use it. It's easy to update the text of the pages, to change out the photos, and to manage this blog where I'll post sermons, services of worship, announcements, whatever ephemera or thoughts or even ideas pass through my mind that I think you'd be interested in for the sustaining of your faith.

So check in with this site every so often. There might be something that interests you.

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Liz you are on a media conquering campaign! It’s very impressive to those of us who are decades out of the loop. Thank you for applying such tenacity for our sakes ❣️

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