First gathered in 1750, and now gathering in a meetinghouse built in 1850, we have a long history in this place but we look forward more than we look back. In this spirit of hope and in the name of our host, Jesus Christ, we invite any who feel called to join in our common life.


A worshipping community rejoicing in the love of Christ, gathered to enact the reign of God among us, commissioned to serve for the sake of the gospel in the world: it's not what you think, it's what you imagine, dwell amidst, and manifest in the living of your days.


Come and see.


Our tradition is Congregationalist, which is to say we govern ourselves, the congregation having full autonomy.

Our Parish Council is 

Hannah Fries, Moderator

Jenny Daily

Mark Farrell

Lisanne Finston, Treasurer


We regard Scripture as authoritative, one source of revelation in our lives; we confess God as continuing to speak truth to the world; we worship so as to repose in God’s love, rejoice in God’s forgiveness, and be rejuvenated for the work of mercy and peace in a conflicted world; and we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion as spiritual food by which we participate in the life eternal.


Please join us.


In Sunday worship, following the pastor's homily and a period of silence, there's an opening for people to share of their meditation. As in a Friends (Quaker) Meeting, this is founded on the truth that in the Holy Spirit all are authorized to speak of God as revealed in worship and community. Or, as it is sometimes summed up, "Here I get to talk in church. I've never gotten to talk in church before!"

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On the 5th Sunday of the month, we forgo scripture readings and sermon, and gather around for "Godly Play," a Montessori-based method of teaching the stories of scripture to children. This mode frees us from the page and the fixity of text so the stories become realms we inhabit much like the realm of God. The wild stories of God-with-us are a living word. The modern imagination is limited. Come free your mind. Come play!


Once a month we gather in fellowship, either in coffee hour before or after worship, of for a  hike, or for service in some way. Sign up below for emails to get word about this activities. 

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Rev. Liz Goodman

Liz, our only staff member, has been pastor here since 2001. A lifelong member of the United Church of Christ, she also serves at Church on the Hill, in Lenox, near where she lives with her husband, their kids, and their dogs. To be in touch with her, please email her or call the church office at 413-329-3026.

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