Because Christ plays in 10,000 places.

Construct Inc.

The "LitNet"

Railroad Street

Youth Project

VIM Berkshires

Berkshire Association

An association of congregations of the United Church on Christ in Berkshire County and one in Canaan NY. 

Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ

Rooted in the grace of God, the mission of the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ is to nurture local church vitality and the covenant among our churches to make God’s love and justice real.

Our missional concerns are climate change; health care; equal justice for all regardless of race, class, gender identity, gender expression, physical and intellectual capacity, mental health, age, or ethnicity.

United Church of Christ

"Drawn together by the Holy Spirit, we are a distinct and diverse community of Christians that come together as one church, joining faith and action."

The United Church of Christ is a mainline Protestant Christian denomination, with historical roots in the Reformed, Congregational and evangelical Protestant traditions. 


The Monterey News is a monthly newspaper that covers all that's going on in town, and for which our pastor writes a column, "From the Meetinghouse." Below is the latest issue.


Occasionally our pastor moderates a radio show sponsored by the South County Clergy Association and hosted by WSBS in Great Barrington. Here are some recent episodes.

Roundtable: December 15, 2019: Sheela Clary joins Liz to talk about the meritocracy, its promises and perils, and how to escape.

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Roundtable: October 7, 2019: Rev. Jen Bloesch joins Liz to talk about farming, food, and faith.

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Roundtable: April 7, 2019:  Sheela Clary joins me to read and discuss Andre Dubus’ short story, “The Doctor,” and to talk about why we read literature in the first place.

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Roundtable: February 6, 2019: The Jewish Roots of Superman, with Neil Hirsch, rabbi of Hevreh in Great Barrington.

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Roundtable: November 18, 2018: Prayer, where Liz joins Neil Hirsch, rabbi of Hevreh down the street, who hosts this episode.

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Roundtable: November 11, 2018: Faith and Work with Jenny Daily

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Roundtable: September 2, 2018: Construct Inc.’s Walk. with Jane Ralph

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Roundtable: July 8, 2018: Jewish Spiritual Direction with Rabbi Barbara Cohen

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Roundtable: May 6, 2018: Faith and Work with Sheela Clary

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Roundtable: March 18, 2018: Joy: Poems with Hannah Fries

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Roundtable: Photography of Dance with Susan Quinn 

RR--Susan's photography
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