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Book Club Summer '24

We're going to embark on a little book that will be a great five-week inclusion for May into early June. It's called Christianity's Surprise, by C. Kavin Rowe. It's 95 pages long, five chapters. 

To join in the reading and discussing, you could order a copy from the press, Abingdon. You could also get a used copy from Abe Books. It's also available on Kindle. It's usually best to buy local, but bookstores would likely have to special order this and that might take too much time.

So, here's the schedule:

Monday, April 29: Read Wisdom Jesus chs. 14 & 15

Monday, May 6: Read Wisdom Jesus ch. 16

Monday, May 13: Read Ch. 1 (the Introduction) of Christianity's Surprise 

This will take us through June 17, if we take Memorial Day off.

Then we'll read MLK sermons (mostly from this collection: Strength to Love) and maybe others as well, maybe essays and/or short stories, episodically for nine weeks through August. PDF scans of what we'll read will be posted to the church websites week to week.

To glance further into the future, click on the blue, underlined words below to learn about likely coming books:

John by Karoline Lewis

Reading Genesis by Marilyn Robinson

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