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How to Worship During a Pandemic.

First, you'll need a farm.

Dick, who joined the church 95 year ago.

If you're lucky, you'll have someone among your membership like Dick, who says, "C'mon down and use my side yard for worship."

St. Francis.

Next, you'll need some inspiring statuary, and a three-year old who's into tractors, weed-whackers, and Piglet.

L-R: Amos, Hannah. Tobias, Jesse.

Add a a creation story that's as beautiful as the creation itself.

Social distancing works just fine when the wide world avails itself.

Mix with a photographer who's willing to catch it at every angle, and people who love art, social justice, and human wellbeing.

And top it off with a preacher who isn't afraid of wind-blown hair, because it always looks like a bird's nest atop her head anyway. (Liz is writing this, so don't worry.)

Liz, in the moment.

And God will be there, just as promised: wherever two or more are gathered....

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